Just over one-third of Poles approve direction country is headed – poll

The "Social Moods Of Poles" survey carried out in August by the Kantar pollster shows that 35 pct of Poles have a positive opinion on the course of affairs in the country, whereas 48 pct have a negative opinion.

The survey shows that Poles more often claim that things in our country are going in the wrong direction than in the right direction. A total of 48 pct of the respondents pessimistically assess the direction of changes, while 35 pct of those polled have a positive view of the course of events in the country. In turn, 17 pct of the pollees did not have an opinion on the matter.

According to the survey, more than half of Poles (56 pct) believe that the economy in our country is in a state of crisis. Of those, the vast majority (40 pct) believe that the country is experiencing a slight crisis, while 16 pct of the respondents say that the country is in a deep crisis.

The percentage of Poles with a positive attitude regarding the condition of the Polish economy is 36 percent. In their opinion, the Polish economy is in a slow (32 pct of the total) or dynamic (4 pct of the total) state of development. In turn, 8 pct of the respondents did not have a specific opinion on this topic.

Kantar notes that over a third of respondents (37 pct) believe that the living standards in the country will not change over the next three years, while more than one fifth (23 pct) of those polled believe that living conditions will improve. One-third of Poles (32 pct) indicate a believe that the current situation will worsen, of those, 6 pct say it will be much worse, and 26 pct believe there will be a slight deterioration.

The survey was carried out on August 7-12, 2020, on a representative sample of 1,004 Polish residents aged 15 and above, using the computer-assisted direct interview (CAPI) method.