Junior ally admits ruling coalition is divided

Zbigniew Ziobro, leader of a small Eurosceptic ally in Poland's governing coalition, United Right, has admitted that the government is divided on issues such as justice reforms, relations with the EU and energy policy.

"There are issues where it's difficult to find a shared diagnosis and solutions," said Ziobro, who apart from being the leader of Solidary Poland is also the justice minister.

In an interview with Catholic radio on Monday, Ziobro complained that a number of justice bills prepared by his ministry have been stalled while at the same time the government has been promoting legislation with "concessions towards the EU".

He also admitted his party was blocking some government plans which "go in the wrong direction."

Poland's energy policy is another bone of contention.

According to Ziobro, the country should develop its coal-based energy generation. This, however, is likely to put Warsaw on a collision course with Brussels, which has made the climate agenda one of its top priorities.

Among the policies that Solidary Poland and its senior partner, Law and Justice, see eye to eye on, Ziobro named national security and the development of the armed forces.