Judges hold 'March of a Thousand Robes' in Warsaw

Tomasz Gzell/PAP

Judges and lawyers from Poland and 22 European countries have taken to the streets of Warsaw to take part in a demonstration dubbed the 'March of a Thousand Robes' to protest against amendments to the country's judicial laws.

Thousands of Polish citizens have also joined the procession in response to the organisers' earlier call for support.

The event is organised by Poland's judges' associations in defence of judicial independence under the slogan: 'The right to independence. The right to Europe.'

The march, which started in front of the Supreme Court's premises in Krasinskich Square after 3 pm, is proceeding through Warsaw's streets towards the Sejm (lower house of parliament).

An amendment to the judicial law, passed in the Sejm on December 20, introduces, among other measures, disciplinary procedures for judges for activities hampering the functioning of the judiciary, for questioning the appointment of other judges and for "public activities incompatible with the principles of judicial independence and the independence of judges."