Journalists to be given access to border zone

Limited numbers of journalist will be able to enter the border zone covered by the state of emergency.

Anna Michalska, spokeswoman for the Polish Border Guard, said on Monday that the force’s unit commanders will soon start issuing passes for the zone, which has been off limits to the press since the state of emergency was introduced on September 2.

She added that “we have yet to discuss how this will work, but we certainly know that they will not be large groups of journalists".

Michalska said that at the moment representatives from 170 press organisations are present in the Podlasie region.

She estimated that perhaps 20-30 temporary passes would be issued at one time.

Michalska also said that there are plans to organise large charter flights to take migrants, who have been refused the right to stay in Poland, back to Iraq.

"Of course, there are certain procedures here, the Iraqi side must consent to admit these people, all formalities must be completed, first of all, the identity of these people must be confirmed and it must be verified that they are Iraqi citizens," said Michalska.