Joint parliamentary assembly resolves to help Ukraine into NATO, EU

Tomas Kalnins/PAP/EPA

A Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution on Wednesday to work together towards ensuring Ukraine membership of the European Union and NATO as soon as possible.

The declaration was adopted in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, and signed by the heads of delegation of the three countries' parliaments.

The document also stated that a Ukrainian victory in its war with Russia is of existential importance for Ukraine and the whole of Europe and highlighted a missile strike in eastern Poland as demonstrating that Russia's actions represent a threat not only to Ukraine but also to its neighbours. The declaration went on to emphasise maximum security for NATO airspace and the alliance's eastern flank.

The Assembly condemned Russia's "irresponsible and highly provocative" rhetoric concerning the possible use of nuclear weapons as well as Moscow's attempts to annex four Ukrainian provinces.

The three parliaments called on the international community to maintain and increase sanctions imposed on Russia with a view to weakening its capacity to wage war on Ukraine, and to grant political, economic, financial, humanitarian and military aid for as long as necessary to ensure Ukraine's victory.

The parliamentarians also called for Russia's exclusion from the United Nations, specifically from the UN Security Council, and its participation in the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe.