Jewish organisation AJC says Poland not to blame for 3 million Holocaust victims

New Yorker

AJC, a global Jewish advocacy organisation, on Saturday criticised an article published in the New Yorker magazine whose author purported that Poland and the Polish state were responsible for the deaths of 3 million Jews during WW2.

AJC commented on Twitter on an article by Masha Gessen, as published in The New Yorker, in which the author suggested that Poles and the Polish state were responsible for Holocaust.

AJC stressed that thousands of Poles helped Jews risking families' lives and said that the Polish government did not govern Poland during WW2, as the country was occupied by Nazi Germany.

"German-occupied Poland wasn't run by Polish state. It's wrong to put collective guilt for the Holocaust on Poland," AJC said in its tweet.

Poland's ambassador to the Israel Marek Magierowski also commented on the issue in a Twitter post, saying that Holocaust distortion should be denounced no matter who resorts to it.

Magierowski said Masha Gessen "is an outstanding expert on Russia, but this feature is unworthy of a respectable publication."

American Jewish Committee (AJC) is a Jewish advocacy group established in 1906. It is one of the oldest Jewish advocacy organizations.