Japanese agency R&I rates Poland A with stable outlook - Fin Min

A Japanese rating agency has rated Poland at the level of A with a stable outlook, the minister of finance, funds and regional policy announced on Friday.

R&I expects the Polish economy to return in 2021 to levels seen prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Japanese agency R&I confirmed Poland's rating at the level of A with a stable outlook," Tadeusz Koscinski said, adding he was pleased with "this positive signal."

"It's a sign that we are well perceived by that market," he said.

The minister said that despite the growth in indebtedness, debt would remain at a low level in comparison to other EU countries. "As R&I underscored, a large role in supporting the economy is played by the government's stimulation package," he added.

"It is expected that the (Polish- PAP) economy will return to the path of growth recorded before the pandemic in 2021 and in the coming years," the Rating and Investment Information agency wrote in a report.

"Indicators of government debt will grow but remain at a low level in comparison to other countries of the European Union,” it continued. “Bearing the above in mind as well as the country's external account and the financial environment remaining stable, R&I has confirmed Poland's rating in national currency and also foreign at the level of A."

The rating scale in R&I's methodology runs (from the highest): AAA, AA, A, BBB, BB, B, CCC, CC, D. From the levels AA to CCC a '+' or '-' can be added depending on the strength of assessment on a given level (AA+, AA, AA- etc.)

R&I say a rating of A reflects "high creditworthiness, supported by several distinguishing factors."