It’s The Debrief Christmas Special 2020!

Christophe Petit Tesson/PAP/EPA/Jan Skowron/Astronomical Observatory of the University of Warsaw/Press materials

It’s that time of year again for The Debrief Christmas Special! Hosted by John Beauchamp with guest Ed Wight, Managing Editor of The First News.

Ed chooses his three top stories for 2020: a serenading opera singer who cheers up a Warsaw hospital in times of lockdown; how Polish scientists are making extraordinary discoveries in these adverse times, and; how a 100-hundred-year-old bridge got saved from being blown to smithereens in the latest planned Mission Impossible movie.

Also in the show: can you identify the sounds from around Poland which you can hear throughout the show? Let me know by getting in touch at and if you get all three you win a surprise!

All the very best for this Christmas and festive season 🥳