Italian destroyer to support Poland's coastal defence

An Italian guided-missile destroyer will soon arrive at the Polish coast to strengthen air defence, Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish defence minister, has said.

According to Blaszczak, who paid a visit to Italy on Wednesday and met with his Italian counterpart, Guido Crosetto, the destroyer is expected to arrive in a few days.

"I'm very pleased with the Italians' decision to send the guided-missile destroyer equipped with strong anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons to Poland as it will strengthen the anti-aircraft and anti-missile defence of the Polish coast," Blaszczak said.

Blaszczak added that he and Crosetto had discussed military relations, including the modernisation of the Polish armed forces, the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict and further support for Kyiv.

The upcoming Nato summit in Vilnius was also on the agenda, he added.