IT experts harder to find after pandemic, report shows

IT professionals have always been among the most sought-after workers in Poland, but the coronavirus pandemic has boosted their ratings even more, a report by employment consultancy Manpower Group has found.

The shortage of talent on the Polish market is now the most acute in the 15-year history of Manpower's research.

In Poland, about 81 percent of companies have problems with finding the right people for the jobs.

The top three qualifications include logistics, production and machine operation and IT specialists.

According to Konrad Gandziarski, an expert with Experis, a Manpower subsidiary, the current shortage of IT experts has become evident in the post-pandemic reality as companies are stepping up projects that were suspended when the coronavirus took hold of the economy.

Gandziarski said that "the biggest demand for qualified IT personnel appeared at the beginning of 2021 and has continued since then."

Manpower Group runs its survey in 42 countries. In Poland, the research has been conducted since 2008.