Israeli PM's Office clarifies controversial media quote - Polish PM's aide

Israeli Prime Minister's office has clarified the issue of the alleged statement by Benjamin Netanyahu about Polish collaboration with the Nazis, cited by the Jerusalem Post newspaper, the head of Polish PM's office Michal Dworczyk said on Saturday.

He added that Netanyahu's office issued a statement in which it denied the information contained in the Jerusalem Post.

The Jerusalem Post reported on Thursday evening that during his stay in Warsaw, Benjamin Netanyahu had said that the Poles had collaborated with the Nazis in the Holocaust.

Talking to a public radio broadcaster, Dworczyk noted that the Israeli Ambassador to Poland Anna Azari, summoned by the Polish Foreign Ministry to offer explanations regarding the statements of the Israeli Prime Minister cited in the controversial article, submitted unsatisfactory explanations to the Polish side.

"Therefore, Prime Minister Netanyahu's office clarified the matter in a statement, denying the information contained in the Jerusalem Post," Dworczyk said, referring to the Israeli government's statement published on Friday, according to which the whole issue is a result of the misrepresentation of Netanyahu’s words in the press reports.

"In a briefing, PM Netanyahu spoke of Poles and not the Polish people or the country of Poland. This was misquoted and misrepresented in press reports and was subsequently corrected by the journalist who issued the initial misstatement," the statement read.

Asked by a journalist about whether the controversy around Netanyahu's words has been explained, he replied: "I think that this (statement - PAP) explains the issue."