Israeli FM calls conduct of Polish government "shameful"

Israel's foreign affairs minister, Yair Lapid, has renewed his government’s attack on a new property restitution law in Poland, saying that Jews today will not turn a blind eye to the “shameful conduct” of the Polish government.

On Saturday Polish President Andrzej Duda signed into force an amendment limiting restitution claims on nationalised property, which specifies administrative proceedings are terminated, if 30 years have elapsed since a decision was published.

Israeli officials claim the law effectively bars Jewish heirs from reclaiming Nazi-looted property, and on Saturday in protest Israel announced it had recalled the charge d’affaires from its embassy in Warsaw for consultations, and suggested the Polish ambassador to Tel Aviv should not return to his post after his holiday.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday evening Lapid wrote: "Gone are the days when Poles harmed Jews without consequence. Today, Jews have a proud and strong country of their own. We do not fear anti-Semitic threats, and have no intention of turning a blind eye to the shameful conduct of the anti-democratic Polish government."

The tweets of the Israeli foreign minister came after Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, criticised Israel's decision to recall its embassy head.

"Israel’s decision to lower the rank of the diplomatic representation in Warsaw is unfounded and irresponsible, and the words of Yair Lapid increase the outrage in every honest person," Morawiecki said in a Facebook post on Sunday.

He added that, "nobody who really knows about the Holocaust could agree to such a means of conducting policy.

"Exploiting that tragedy for the needs of party interests is shameful and irresponsible," he wrote. "If the Israeli government still wants to attack Poland in this way, it will also have a very negative influence on our relations - both bilaterally and those on international forums."