Iraqi official wants Poland to be more active on Iraqi market

The director of Iraq's National Investment Council, Ahmed al-Zubaidi, in Warsaw for a two-day Polish-Iraqi Business and Investment Forum, has said he wants Poland to be more active on the Iraqi market.

Al-Zubaidi said that Iraq is now a stable country and represents virgin territory for investment. He added that Poland has a good reputation in his country but that Polish activity there is currently zero.

The investment council director went on to explain that Iraq needs investment in every field and sector, so Polish companies need to specify their area of interest. "Iraq is fertile land for investment, it is really a new country and there is no other country in the region that is as promising for investors," he said following the two-day forum. He added that Iraq is aware that Poland has a greater disposition towards investing in Iraq than other countries.

Al-Zubaidi underscored, however, that the economy is based on competition so Poland cannot expect that other countries, such as the USA, assure it contracts in Iraq. "It is a race on a free market and the Polish authorities should motivate their investors to enter our market because it is prosperous," the investment council director stressed. "If that doesn't happen, others will take the contracts."

Ahmed al-Zubaidi went on to state that Poland has a good reputation in Iraq due to the two countries' past associations. "Iraqis respect Poles and trust polish companies," he said, "because you built many things in our country. Later you helped free our country from dictatorship," he continued, adding that this is not enough. "A good investor must compete with others, but Poland is not currently on our market," he declared.