Internet highest-grossing advertising market in Q2 - report

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the internet overtook television becoming Poland's most lucrative advertising market in the 2nd quarter of 2020, the Polish Economic Institute (PIE) said in a report published on Saturday.

Total advertising spending fell in Poland by 28 percent year on year and by 10.5 percent quarter on quarter in Q2 2020, PIE also said.

The data of Publicis Media Group, quoted by the institute's analysts, show that the online advertising budget also recorded a decline, albeit the lowest among all media groups.

According to PIE, the growing importance of online advertising, at the expense of traditional media, is in line with a long-term trend, however before the pandemic "the spending on television advertising had remained stable and high."

The report also showed the "drastic decline in spending" on outdoor advertising (72 percent) and cinema advertising (100 percent) due to direct effects of the lockdown.

The press advertising budget has been systematically decreasing by about 10 percent y/y, PIE experts said.

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