International art project 'Friend of a Friend' in Warsaw in April

Twenty three galleries from 13 European and American cities will take part in the first edition of an international art project entitled 'Friend of a Friend,' in April. As part of the project, eight exhibitions will take place in Warsaw featuring both Polish and foreign artists.

Ewa Borysiewicz of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, told PAP that the project is related to the 'Condo' event, which has been ongoing since 2016 in London, New York, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Mexico City. "'Friend of a Friend' involves eight Warsaw galleries inviting foreign galleries to work collaboratively on modern art exhibitions. Consequently, eight group art shows of Polish and foreign artists will be held (in Warsaw - PAP). For both Warsaw and the international audience, it will be an opportunity for direct contact with the works of artists that have not previously been shown in Poland," Borysiewicz explained.

She went on to highlight that the project forms part of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute's mission to support Polish artists on foreign markets. "The institute invites curators, journalists and collectors as guests so that they can see what is happening in Warsaw," Borysiewicz said. "I am pleased that we have the opportunity to work together on the 'Friend of a Friend' project."

Borysiewicz also announced that the project's organisers, together with the Society of Friends of the Museum of Modern Art, have created the 'Friend Art Fund' prize, the winner of which will be announced on the day of the project's inauguration. "Thanks to this prize, a commission created by the Society will choose a work to join the Museum of Modern Art's collection," she explained.

The eight Warsaw galleries taking part in the 'Friend of a Friend' project are BWA Warszawa, the Foksal Gallery Foundation, LETO, Piktogram, Dawid Radziszewski, Raster, Stereo and Wschod. They will present the work of 20 international artists. Galleries from the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Mexico, the USA, Switzerland and Great Britain have been invited to participate in the event.