Interior designer becomes social media hit with top-tips for a cosy home

With crisp white, trendy wabi-sabi and bohemian styles, Marzena kept her limited space airy. Marideko - przytulny dom/Facebook

With her rooms draped in Scandinavian whites, littered with fresh pine greens and bathed in ambient light, interior designer and online influencer Marzena Marideko has created such a buzz across social media with her home décor that she now has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Proclaimed to be the creator of Poland’s cosiest home, 32 year-old designer has taken her small house and strategically installed a fuss-free style that swaps the cramped and uncomfortable for the chic and inviting.

It’s envy-inducing. And with over 300,000 followers on Instagram alone, Marideko blogs about how similar cosy effects can be achieved for other homes.

The interior designer has amassed a loyal following online, with 330,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram.Marideko - przytulny dom/Facebook

Bare wood, whitewashed walls, collections of black and white graphics, hanging plants, chunky knitted throws and homemade dream catchers cover every inch of the house. Although the instagram-famous designer confesses pretty furnishings don’t automatically make a home. 

“For me, a house is above all about the people who spend time with me and the atmosphere we create together,” she said in a recent interview for “It is something safe, peaceful, and full of nice associations. It has favourite fragrances, items and views. We are happy to return to it and our guests appreciate it.”

Interiors are most easily transformed with accessories. Changing pillow cases, curtains or bedspreads will make the interior unrecognisable, says Marzena.Marideko - przytulny dom/Facebook

While at school, Marideko studied art history which helped develop her imagination and artistic vision.  Her own home, which is located in Warsaw, favours earthy and harmonious tones. 

Revolving largely around crisp white, trendy wabi-sabi and bohemian styles, Marideko kept her limited space airy and poured her own ethos into it, which translates to a “Love for old things, nature and slow-life rhythm.”

The 32-year-old designer is no stranger to DIY and makes many home furnishings to sell.Marideko - przytulny dom/Facebook

Marideko’s online fame was first spearheaded by friends who encouraged the designer to showcase her talent online. Ten years ago, when she first bought her flat, there wasn’t much to offer in the homeware departments, so the former art history student took matters into her own hands and learned to sew, remodel furniture and make decorations.

Since then the cosy homeowner has amassed a loyal following online, and has launched her own business, which sells stylish homeware in the form of dreamcatchers, and festive ornaments. According to Marideko, big transformations can happen to any home by changing a few details. 

Marzena hopes to help others create their own corners of cosiness. Marideko - przytulny dom/Facebook

“Interiors are most easily transformed with accessories,” she says. “Changing pillow cases, curtains or bedspreads will make the interior unrecognisable. It is also worth remembering that the inside relies on the smell, so it's best to give them an atmosphere with scented candles or fresh flowers.”

Now working on producing unique homeware, Marideko hopes to help others to create their own corner of cosiness.