Innovative firms boost Poland's innovation level

Poland's innovation level is improving faster thanks to increasing numbers of fast-growing innovative companies, the Entrepreneurship and Technology Ministry quoted Deputy Minister Marek Niedużak as saying at the opening of Startup Games Warsaw on Tuesday.

Niedużak observed that his ministry has been consistently building an eco-system to foster the growth of young firms that offer future-oriented solutions.

"The Start In Poland programme is part of this system. If offers the so-called 'smart money,' so not only cash, but also coaching and mentoring at every stage of the company's and idea's growth - from product development to market entry and internationalisation," the deputy minister said.

Startup Games Warsaw is a two-day event organised by the Entrepreneurship and Technology Ministry and the British Embassy in Warsaw. According to the ministry, 150 startup firms and 35 investors from Poland and the United Kingdom are taking part in the meeting.

At Startup Games Warsaw, young entrepreneurs learn how to efficiently present their ideas to investors, and the event's highlight is a game in which participants are divided into two groups: entrepreneurs and investors.

Start-up entrepreneurs can also take part in panel discussions and meetings with mentors.

According to British Ambassador to Poland Jonathan Knott, quoted in the ministry's statement, the British technology sector has been growing 2.6 times faster than the rest of the country's economy.