Innovation Train project to boost Polish-Israeli economic relations

The Polish Entrepreneurship and Technology Minister Jadwiga Emilewicz and Israeli Ambassador to Poland Anna Azari have announced a joint project in order to develop bilateral economic relations: an "Innovation Train"

As part of the initiative, on Wednesday "the Innovation Train" will set off from Warsaw to Kraków, southern Poland, where an "Impact'18" congress on the digital economy will be held on June 13 and 14.

During the 2.5-hour train trip technology and innovation presentations by Polish and Israeli companies, lectures, as well as B2B meetings will take place.

It will be an opportunity for entrepreneurs from both countries to exchange experiences, acquire know-how, and establish cooperation, both officials said at a press conference.

According to Emilewicz, short presentations are meant to show young entrepreneurs, or those who want to set up companies, how to build "their way to success".

"We hope that those who start their business adventure, and those who have successfully run a company for many years will be inspired to enter new foreign markets, because Israel knows well how to do this," the Polish minister stressed. She expressed the hope that the Israeli market will be for Polish entrepreneurs a faster path to global markets, including American ones. "We know well how many goods and services reached the American market through Israel," she noted.

Emilewicz pointed out that they decided to organise the Innovation Train project to travel to Impact, Poland's largest technological conference, because last year it was attended by more than 5,000 people from all over the world, including many entrepreneurs from Israel.

The Polish official announced that the topics of this year's congress will include cybersecurity, IT sector, ICT and solutions for the financial market.

"This train is a forerunner to intense Polish-Israeli business days, because next week over 60 Polish companies are going to Tel Aviv for a Polish-Israeli business forum, during which they will meet their potential partners from Israel," Minister Emilewicz said. She added that she hopes this event will also help "awaken the appetite" of Polish entrepreneurs for exports.

Ambassador Azari emphasised that the Innovation Train is not only to be a platform for meetings and establishing business contacts, but also for maintaining relations.

The Israeli official added that an increasing number of companies from Israel are interested in Poland. "The Polish market is seen as a promising one in Israel," she noted. Azari emphasised that thanks to the increased tourist traffic, Israeli entrepreneurs saw that Poland "is quite a modern country".

The "Innovation Train" is an Israeli Embassy project that is being carried out in cooperation with the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, PKP Intercity and the Impact Foundation.

The business forum in Tel Aviv on June 19 will be organised for the first time. According to Minister Emilewicz, over 50 Polish companies have already declared their participation in the event.