India moves its embassy in Ukraine to Poland

India has decided to move its already-relocated embassy from the western Ukrainian city of Lviv to Poland, citing the "rapidly deteriorating security situation."

Earlier, India relocated its embassy from the Ukrainian capital Kyiv to Lviv.

Kyiv has been under attack from Russian forces which invaded Ukraine on February 24 and is seen as the key target of Moscow.

"In view of the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Ukraine, including attacks in the western parts of the country, it has been decided that the Indian Embassy in Ukraine will be temporarily relocated in Poland," Indian foreign ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

"The situation will be reassessed in the light of further developments," the foreign ministry added.

On Sunday, Russia carried out an air strike at a military range near Lviv, killing 35 people and wounding 134. Also on Sunday, the Russians launched attacks on an airport in the western city of Ivano-Frankivsk. Until Sunday, the western part of Ukraine had not seen much fighting.