Independent presidential candidate's movement launches parliamentary work

Marcin Obara/PAP

A civic movement "Poland 2050," set up by the supporters of Szymon Holownia, an independent candidate who garnered nearly 14 pct in the first round of Poland's presidential vote on June 28, inaugurated its work in parliament on Wednesday.

Speaking at the press conference in the Sejm, lower house, held jointly with MP Hanna Gil-Piatek, who in recent days left the Left parliamentary caucus and joined Polska2050, Holownia said that the programme of the civic movement which already has more than 20,000 members "which arose from experts' knowledge and was built thanks to social commitment," will translate into "political substance and efficiency."

He announced that the Sejm press office of the Polska2050 movement would also start its work on Wednesday. "There will be a special tab on our website,, where we will present our position on the bills being processed in the Sejm and introduce our own bills," Holownia said.

He also announced that this week Poland2050 will ask the heads of parliamentary groups to say whether they support the draft amendments to the regulations concerning the transparency of party financing, put forward by him in early September.