Independent presidential candidate receives EUR 116,000 in crowdfunding

Adam Warżawa/PAP

Szymon Holownia, an independent candidate in Poland's upcoming presidential elections, has received over half a million zlotys (EUR 116,000) in crowdfunding since he launched his funding appeal on Tuesday, his electoral commissioner has announced.

Electoral Commissioner Michal Kobosko told PAP that the sum is in line with the electoral staff's expectations. Holownia intends to fund his electoral campaign entirely from crowdfunding donations.

Kobosko said the fundraising campaign would continue and that the staff "constantly appeal to supporters for payment."

Kobosko added that he was very satisfied with the collection. "Thousands of people have responded to our request, paying various amounts - from a few zlotys upwards; on the first day of the collection the average payment was PLN 60 (EUR 13.9)," he said.

"Szymon Holownia's communiques are very well received," Kobosko continued. "He is the only candidate who is asking people for money, because he has a basis for it: he has no party budget behind him," Kobosko pointed out, adding that crowdfunding was an "element of the presidential candidate's plan."

"Szymon Holownia is a citizens' candidate, supported by people rather than by an organisation or big business," Kobosko said. "This process, which in my view we are conducting in an unprecedented manner in Polish politics, is in line with our expectations. (...) Only thanks to this can we run a campaign."