Incredible giant eco-statues made of sand appear in Poznań

Incredible giant eco-statues made of sand appear in Poznań Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Sandy works of art are awaiting visitors on the banks of the Maltańskie Lake in Poznań. Eight giants sculptures prepared by ten women artists from all over Poland have been created as part of the first Poznań Sand Festival.

The artists: Joanna Gęsiorska-Duszyńska, Sara Hupas, Aleksandra Józefów, Lucyna Kujawa, Magdalena Ostrowska, Ela Blanka, Katarzyna Dolecka, Dominika Kuczkowska had 50 tonnes of sand at their disposal. Miasto Poznań/Facebook

The material is unpredictable to work with, especially its reactions to the sun, the sculptors admitted. They had to use a variety of improvised tools to mold it into the desired shapes. The sand is thickened only by water, without any other substances that would make it more durable.Miasto Poznań/Facebook

The ephemeral material, that will soon be blown away by the wind was chosen especially to present some of the worlds most endangered species. Barbara Pekala/Facebook

A penguin, koala, owl, wolf, rhinoceros, paddlefish, giant turtle and stag beetle were chosen to fit this year’s festival theme – ecology.Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

For Poznań it’s the second event of its kind. In winter the city organizes the Ice Sculpture Festival, so they aimed for a summer season equivalent to liven up warmest months. Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP

Today is the last day of the event and the culmination of the sculptures works. Their creations will be available until the end of August.Jakub Kaczmarczyk/PAP