Implementing Paris Agreement is a goal - Polish president

Marcin Obara/PAP

The Polish president has stated that the complete implementation of the Paris Agreement is a goal of all responsible states and authorities.

"Since yesterday, we have been debating climate policy, climate policy challenges, and the fundamental challenge for all responsible states and authorities, namely, how to prevent a growth in the Earth temperature by more than 1.5 degrees," President Andrzej Duda said while addressing a "Climate-Economy-Society" panel accompanying a two-day online climate summit organised by US President Joe Biden.

The Polish president admitted that all debates were focused on "how to fully implement the Paris Agreement."

Duda stated that Poland was a leader in this field. "It was Poland which prepared the 'Katowice Rulebook' and the 'Just Transition,' principles of just transformation and changes, which take into account the need of environmental protection and sustainable growth, but are also focused on the needs of people living here," he said.

The president explained he was talking "about living standards, jobs, and all elements which make us a highly-developed country, ...and a country which has economic development ambitions," and admitted that it is not easy to combine all these elements.

He also said that energy transition could be a huge chance both for the Polish economy, since it could become more innovative, and for Polish science.

"In my opinion, the (energy - PAP) transition is not a burden but a chance, a huge development chance, to enter a truly innovative economic and industrial reality," Duda said.

Admitting that coal continued to be a major source of energy in Poland, Duda said that, undoubtedly, the country had to make a change in its energy mix.