If shopping is possible, so are elections - president

Duda is running for re-election and enjoys a clear lead in opinion polls. Paweł Supernak/PAP

If people can go to shops, they can also go to voting booths given appropriate safety precautions, President Andrzej Duda said during a Monday Q/A session on Facebook.

Asked about the opposition's postulate to postpone the May 10 presidential elections, Duda said if conditions prove inadequate for voting in May, the elections should not take place at that time. He added that the life and health of Poles were his main priority.

Duda is running for re-election and enjoys a clear lead in opinion polls.

Commenting on his election rivals' claims that the present conditions crippled campaigning, the president said that although public gatherings were not allowed, there were other forms of campaigning that were safe, such as via the internet.

"There can be no public gatherings right now, but there are many other ways of campaigning. When I look online I see various presidential candidates conducting their campaigns quite intensively. Quite surely there are diverse forms of campaigning today, and with all certainty a broad choice of campaigning forms is accessible in a safe way today," Duda said.

Asked about recent changes in election laws to permit correspondence voting for people over 60, Duda explained that the aim of the changes was to enable a sound election turnout and that they were mainly addressed to elderly citizens whose physical condition often made regular voting difficult.