Hungary will always vote against sanctions on Poland - Hungarian FM

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto declared on Friday that Hungary "will always veto any sanctions on Poland during a vote in a European institution."

Asked about his opinion regarding the launching of the Article 7 procedure against Poland, Minister Szijjarto told a Polish public TV broadcaster that moves taken by the European Commission against Poland "are completely unjustified and unfair."

According to the Hungarian official, the procedure is a sign of double standards, which "Hungary will always oppose."

Minister Szijjarto declared that Hungary would always vote against any sanctions on Poland, and stressed that this would happen in every case.

He added that the "strategic, long friendship and brotherhood between our two nations will always be taken into account." "Hungary will always vote against sanctions on Poland," he said.

He also added that he respected the choice made by Poles, who elected their government in democratic elections. "Poles voted for its programme. As far as I know, such reforms were announced in this programme. And everybody should respect the decision taken by the Polish people," he emphasised.

According to the official, centre and Christian parties must be aware of the fact that they "will always be attacked, irrespective of what they do and what majority they have."

The minister admitted that "they are different from the EU political mainstream as far as the most important challenges facing the EU are concerned, namely migration and terrorist threat."

In December 2017, the European Commission launched the disciplinary Article 7 procedure against Poland, giving the country three months to amend its judicial policies in line with the rule of law.