Hundreds evacuated amid flooding in southeast Poland

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

About 400 evacuations were conducted by the State Fire Service around Rzeszow in the southeastern Polish Podkarpackie province on Friday night and Saturday morning, PM Mateusz Morawiecki reported after a meeting of the local crisis committee on Saturday.

The flooding chiefly affected the Rzeszow, Lancut, Przeworsk and Przemysl dsitricts, the prime minister said.

The flooding followed heavy rain and storms across the south of the country on Friday night. The PM said early on Saturday morning that the State Fire Service and Voluntary Fire Brigade were still on the scene where they had made around 400 interventions, including the evacuation of people suffering from COVID-19.

Emergency accommodation was made available for those without shelter, mainly in schools, however many of those were also flooded. Further heavy rains were forecast for Saturday afternoon.

The PM said there was an environmental risk to ecological terrain due to the flooding of a local sewage treatment plant.

Morawiecki gave his assurance that the government had made cash reserves available to start paying damage relief to individuals and local authorities.