How smells can define cities…

A postcard dating from around 1901 showing the market square in Lublin. Image in the public domain via Public domain

One of the ways we can perceive and define a city is by the way it smells. New research spotlights historical smells and – more importantly – what was done about them, in the Polish city of Lublin.

Research from Dr Stephanie Weismann – originally from the University of Vienna, currently at the Institute of Polish Culture at Warsaw University – takes into account four case studies of Lublin’s smells over a number of decades in the 20th century.

At Warsaw University she’s going one step further with a study of smells in a project called “NoseWise. An Olfactory Approach Towards Polish Cultural History”.

So how does one go about recording smells? Join host John Beauchamp in this episode of The Debrief to find out.