How a Pole brought coffee to Europe

The Pole opened the first café in Vienna back in 1683. Public domain

It was Jerzy Kulczycki who is thought to have opened the first coffee house in Vienna following the Ottoman siege there in 1683.

In this episode of The Debrief, John Beauchamp talks to TFN history expert Stuart Dowell about how Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki opened Vienna’s first coffee shop in 1683, thus kickstarting the world famous Viennese café culture.

In fact, Kulczycki’s fame in Vienna has even eclipsed that of Jan III Sobieski. When the Polish king led the charge against Grand Vizier Kara Mustafa Pasha’s camp from Kahlenberg Hill and saved the city, it was not Sobieski who the Viennese crowds feted, but Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki.

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