Hoteliers expect no profit before end-2022

Archiwum Turczyk/PAP

The overwhelming majority of Poland's hotels do not expect to generate any profit before the end of 2022, according to a survey by the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry (IGHP).

The survey, published on Thursday, found that 89 percent of hotels expected to see no profit before the end of next year, while 60 percent of polled hoteliers said they did not expect a profit sooner than after 2022.

None believed they could achieve sales comparable to pre-pandemic figures this year, while 43 percent thought it was possible in 2023, and 41 percent said 2024 or later.

IGHP ran the survey on April 12-16 in 222 hotels countrywide. Of the surveyed hotels, 65 percent were located in cities, and 27 percent belonged to hotel chains.