Hotel boom sweeps Poland as country becomes more popular for tourists and business

Bryza Hotel in Jurata Dominik Kulaszewicz

The Polish hotel industry is booming. Owing to an increasingly strong economic situation, the growing popularity of Poland as a tourist destination and the development of international business relations, the hotel services sector is beginning to flourish.

In the first quarter of 2018, the market grew by 6.2% y/y, according to the Central Statistical Office (GUS). Of the 5 million guests using hotels in Poland more than 25% were from abroad. The most common visitors Germans, Ukrainians, Russians and Brits. And they are tending to stay longer and longer. 

Marcin Dragan, managing director of Profitroom, a hotel booking IT company, said: "The upward trend in the number of tourists tempted by more and more attractive leisure facilities offered by the hotel industry continues to grow. Poles seem to be appreciating the local and traditional values of the regions."

Poland’s strong economic situation has greatly influenced growth in the hotel industry. And according to a report in BIG InfoMonitor, this situation is more favourable for the hotel branch than for other industries. "Growth is experienced by both those [hotels] focused on business facilities and individual guests," said Profitroom’s Dragan. The number of corporate events organized in hotels is also increasing.

Investment outlays in the hotel business are also increasing. In Warsaw alone, 20 new hotel facilities will be built within the next 2 years offering 5,000 rooms. By 2019, the number of rooms available to guests will increase by 30%, according to the latest information from BIG Info Monitor. 

At present, there are 4,064 hotels and almost 11,000 other accommodation facilities operating in Poland, including 2,500 AirBnB outlets, reflecting Poland’s growing popularity.