Hospital suspends two doctors over pregnant woman's death

Wojciech Pacewicz/PAP

The management of a hospital in the southern Polish town of Pszczyna has suspended the contracts of the two doctors who were on duty when a pregnant woman died of sceptic shock in September, the hospital announced on Friday.

Polish media carried stories of the woman who went to the hospital when her amniotic fluid broke in the 22nd month of pregnancy. Doctors had not terminated the pregnancy despite defects having been detected in the foetus, a decision the woman's family claim was instrumental in her death.

The case has prompted renewed criticism of Poland's abortion law, which outlaws almost all terminations.

"The directorate of Pszczyna Hospital conducted a clarification procedure, a review of procedures and methods used in the ward, immediately after the tragic event," the hospital wrote in a press release. "It is also verifying, on an ongoing basis and with the utmost seriousness, information appearing in the public space.

"In connection with the ongoing procedure, on November 5 a decision was taken to suspend the contracts of two doctors, who were on duty at the time of the patient's stay in the hospital. At the present time, the doctors are not fulfilling their duties at the hospital," the release continued.

"The hospital declares its full openness to cooperation with all the appropriate bodies undertaking inspection and clarification activities," the release read. "Once again we convey to the patient's family sincere sympathies and regret."