Home food deliveries expected to boom in autumn - press


Having food delivered from restaurants to the home is becoming ever more popular in Poland and a second wave of coronavirus in the autumn will mean a flood of new orders for delivery services, Thursday's edition of the Rzeczpopolita daily reported.

Rzeczpospolita reported that following the closure of restaurants in the spring, home deliveries became more popular. Citing a survey by SW Research for the Glovo food delivery application, the paper wrote that only 11.7 percent of adult internet users in Poland have never had a meal delivered. A further 70 percent believe it is definitely the future for the market. The daily commented that this contributes to restaurateurs' interest in home delivery, meaning more investment for companies offering such services.

"We're recording definite growth and we are increasing turnover strongly since a year ago at this time," Rzezpospolita quoted Wolt Polska Director General Nicolas Jedraszek as saying. "In total we're talking about sales growth of several dozen percent." He added that about 15 percent of partner restaurants closed their premises during the pandemic, while at the same time new ones have come forward that were not previously interested in home delivery.

Rzeczpospolita noted that the expected second wave of coronavirus will mean the pace of development of the sector will grow.