Health minister hails vaccine contract renegotiation as EU success

Marcin Obara/PAP

Poland's health minister has told PAP that a decision to launch talks on the renegotiation of coronavirus vaccine contracts is a success of EU coherence and solidarity.

Adam Niedzielski said on Thursday that the commitment to receive large consignments of coronavirus vaccine regardless of the epidemiological situation and unmodified to the latest strains was particularly problematic for Poland due to financial pressures related to the war in Ukraine.

"We have managed to build a coalition of 10 countries that are pressing the European Commission to renew negotiations," Niedzielski said. "At a summit of European Union health ministers, the Czech presidency, which starts tomorrow, declared that in mid-July, talks will start concerning the renegotiation of contracts. This is a success of building full coherence in Europe, but also of solidarity."

He added that it had been possible to postpone deliveries of the Pfizer drug from early summer to September, but that more time was needed.