Health minister calls for compulsory vaccination of medical staff


Poland’s health minister has said he will issue an ordinance "this week or next" on the compulsory vaccination of medical personnel against Covid-19.

Adam Niedzielski also said that from March 1, 2022, the ministry wants to introduce obligatory vaccinations for medics, teachers and the uniformed services. 

"This week or next, I will want to introduce an obligation for medical personnel," said Niedzielski, referring to compulsory vaccinations. 

He added that he is consulting the heads of medical and nursing organisations, physiotherapists and laboratory diagnosticians. 

"The position of these organisations is unanimous, absolutely for (compulsory vaccination - PAP)," Niedzielski said.

Patient organisations are also in favour of compulsory jabs, Niedzielski added. 

When asked about possible vaccinations for teachers and the uniformed services, the health minister said that he was holding talks on this subject with the education minister as well as with the heads of the Ministry of Interior and Administration and the Ministry of National Defence.