Health minister announces new Covid vaccination awareness campaign

The Polish government will launch a new campaign encouraging people to get a second Covid-19 booster jab.

Adam Niedzielski said a campaign was needed because the current lack of interest in getting a jab was "absolutely unsatisfactory."

"On Friday, we launched the possibility of signing up for the fourth dose, or the second booster, but I'm talking here about a drug that covers the latest variant of coronavirus, which is Omicron," he explained.

"It's a vaccine that also contains antigens for the BA1 version, and here we've started registrations. At the moment we have about 150,000 people signed up and about 34,000 have had the vaccine."

But Niedzielski went on to describe the current scale of vaccination as "absolutely unsatisfactory," pointing out that almost 12 million people had had three shots of vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, "and that is the number, the people, that we want to persuade to continue with vaccinations to ensure their safety," he said.

The health minister admitted more needed to be done in terms of persuading the public to get vaccinated and that a "new communication impulse" was required.

He added that on Friday a new awareness campaign would be unveiled.

"And this is not some campaign built ad hoc but a campaign resulting from research conducted over the last few months on focus groups consisting of the very people that have doubts, that are wavering; we want to direct the campaign towards them," Niedzielski said.