‘Harrowing’ documentary winning hearts and nominations wows at NY Film Noir screening

Communion is Anna Zamecka’s [Pictured with actor Ed Harris] directorial debut. Anna Zamecka/Facebook

A Polish documentary feature film about a dysfunctional family has been shortlisted to be an Oscar nomination in the Best Documentary Feature category.

Screened at the Film Noir Cinema in New York on Saturday, ‘Communion which is directed and written by Anna Zamecka, has been tearing through Film Festivals in the last two years, picking up awards at European Film Academy Documentary Award - Prix Arte and the Polish Academy Award for Best Documentary as well receiving nominations for the Polish Academy Award for Best Editing and Polish Academy Award Discovery of the Year.

Released in November 2016, the documentary shows a broken family and follows a teenage girl as she prepares her autistic brother for his first Communion.YouTube

Communion is Zamecka’s directorial debut. Set in Warsaw, the film delves into the harrowing life of 14 year-old Ola Kaczanowska. The documentary follows her journey as she struggles to take care of both her autistic kid brother and alcoholic father.

The documentary feature film has received acclaim across European film festivals.YouTube

Produced with no musical scoring, the film sucks empathy from watchers as they witness the teen’s attempts to bring her missing mother back home in the hope life will improve.

In a recent interview, director and writer Zamecka explained, “It’s a film about coming of age and becoming mature—to accept yourself as you are and others as they are. I wanted that acceptance for Ola—not that she would always wait for her mother to come back, but that she could accept that she might never come back. That she would be released from the old dream and would have new dreams.”

Currently Zamecka [Pictured with Hollywood actor Sean Penn] is in the US, screening her film ‘Communion’ in New York and San Francisco cinemas.Anna Zamecka/Facebook

After the screening of the film at New York’s trendy Film Noir Cinema,  American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences member, Donna Dickman said that the documentary is "excellent, honest and presents what life really is."

Since its release in November 2016, ‘Communion’ has been snowballing through Europe, and the hype for the Polish Docu-Drama is set to pick up again.

Now on an Oscar nomination shortlist for best feature-length documentary, Dickman expressed hope that on January 22 the Polish film will be nominated for an Oscar in Best Documentary.