Guidelines being prepared for events, weddings, amusement parks - min

Wojciech Pacewicz/PAP

The Ministry of Development announced in a press statement on Friday that it was consulting on guidelines for events, weddings and amusement parks, which were among the industries waiting to reopen.

The communique stated that the ministry was preparing the fourth stage of a reopening of subsequent industries of the Polish economy, planned for the beginning of June.

It added that the guidelines for, among other sectors, events, weddings, and amusement parks, were being prepared in cooperation with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS) and the Ministry of Health.

Deputy development Minister Olga Semeniuk stated: "We want entrepreneurs and employees from those business sectors, which have so far suffered the greatest losses as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, to return to work as soon as possible."

The Ministry noted that, for several weeks, it had been gradually preparing guidelines for a total of about 40 industries, whose functioning was frozen in connection with the coronavirus pandemic.

It also pointed out that, regardless of the industry-specific guidelines, the gradual return to normality did not absolve anyone from applying basic safety principles, as they must become the basis of our daily functioning.