Greenpeace activists demand Poland quit coal by 2030

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

Greenpeace activists blockaded the entrance of the State Assets Ministry building in Warsaw as part of a protest calling for Poland to stop using coal by 2030.

Earlier this year the Polish government signed an agreement with mining unions to phase out the use of coal by 2049.

"Over 100 people from the international All for Climate citizen movement are blocking the entrance to the ministry from the early hours of the morning, demanding that the government designate 2030 as the deadline for Poland to abandon coal," Greenpeace said in a press release on Thursday.

Greenpeace activists said that decisions on energy and mining are made at the State Assets Ministry.

Joanna Flisowska, head of the climate and energy department at Greenpeace, cited in the release, said: "There is a fire in the Polish energy sector and the only chance to extinguish it is to adopt a plan to quickly abandon coal."

She added that Poland wants to "maintain the carbon status quo as long as possible and avoid facing the challenge of carrying out a just transition".

"We are fed up with this, just like we are fed up with the idle talk of politicians. We want to see effective action for the climate," she added.