GovTech Polska and Scotland's CivTech sign letter of intent

The creation of partnerships based on exchange of knowledge, common values and a common intention, which is the introduction of a digital revolution in public administration, were the main aims enshrined in the letter of intent between Poland's GovTech and Scotland's CivTech.

GovTech announced in a Monday Tweet that the agreement was signed on November 12 at the Polish embassy in Paris. It is the first international agreement of the creators of GovTech in Europe.

As explained on its website, GovTech Polska is a project that aims to "help introduce public administration into a development path based on innovation and modern technologies, (and) also create optimal opportunities for the digitalization of the public administration." It aims to create the necessary conditions for money made available by the state to reach start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises that propose the most effective and modern solutions to public administration challenges.

The project's director, Justyna Orłowska, was quoted in a previous press release as saying "one of the main aims of the pioneers of modern administration is to strive for the opening of the services market for administration to small and medium-sized enterprises through modernisation of the public tenders process and exchanging information between states in this area." Orłowska also highlighted "the creation of optimal conditions for the digitalisation of the administration" which "has become the driver for GovTech's programmes in recent years."

Alexander Holt, representing CivTech, said that pioneering Govtech programmes from countries like England, Scotland, Finland and Singapore have shown that the cooperation of administration and innovators not only brings results for both sides but above all serves citizens. In his view, the exchange of experience of two different markets surely causes both sides of the agreement to gain an even better position to face future challenges both in Poland and in Scotland.