Gov't to raise pensions for anti-communist activists to EUR 543 - PM

Paweł Supernak/PAP

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced on Wednesday that pensions for activists of the anti-communist opposition and people repressed for political reasons will be raised to the amount of PLN 2,400 (EUR 543).

The draft amendment introducing the compensation benefit will be presented in the Sejm (lower house) on Friday.

Morawiecki tweeted on Wednesday that the "courage and consistency in the fight for a free Poland had a price (...) Many of them paid for this with repressions and loss of health, and today the Homeland has a chance to compensate for these damages, at least in part," he noted.

The proposed regulations also introduce tariff reliefs when traveling by public transport and for journeys in domestic transport by collective public transport.

The proposed regulations also introduce tariff reliefs when traveling by public transport and for domestic journeys by forms of public transport.

The draft project states that people involved in the struggle for independence and the sovereignty of Poland in the years 1956-1989 were subjected to numerous repressions and harassments by the communist regime, which "had a negative impact on the material status of people subject to them, not only during their application but also later - even to this day."

"The consequence of receiving lower remuneration over the years is that former activists of the anti-communist opposition now receive lower pensions and disability benefits. Hence, it is necessary to at least partially compensate for the harm imposed by the communist regime on people who contributed to the overthrow of the totalitarian system and the democratic revival of an independent Polish state," the document reads.

According to the Office for Veterans and Victims of Oppression, around 12,700 people have the status of an anti-communist opposition activist or a repressed person for political reasons. It is estimated that around 9,400 of them have so far been entitled to retirement benefits.