Gov't seriously considers vaccinations in workplace

Radek Pietruszka/PAP

People could get vaccinated at their work place under possible government plans to speed up the vaccination process.

Speaking on private radio, Michal Dworczyk, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office and who is also the government commissioner for the vaccination programme, said that the prime minister would present a new timetable and other changes to the vaccination programme at a press conference at 15.00 on Tuesday.

Talking about workplace vaccinations, Dworczyk said the jabs could be administered wherever it was safe for the patient. "We want to increase in a significant way the number of people qualified for a vaccination, and the number of shots administered," he said.

Citing research by IBRiS, Dworczyk said about 70 percent of Poles intend to get the vaccination.

Asked whether current lockdown restrictions would be extended after April 9, Dworczyk replied that all decisions were guided by the state of the pandemic.

"I hope that the situation will improve and consequently there will be no need either to extend or strengthen those restrictions," he said. "However, if it transpires that... there is a sudden growth in infections, then conclusions will have to be drawn from that."

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