Gov't raises retirement, disability pensions for anti-communist activists

The Polish government on Tuesday approved a draft law on anti-communist opposition activists and persons persecuted for political reasons under which their disability or old-age pension will be increased to PLN 2,400 (EUR 545) if it is lower now.

The PM's Office reported that this would be a special compensatory benefit for persons fighting for Poland's independence and sovereignty in the years 1956-1989. "The benefit is to be paid out to all persons who have this status and whose disability or old-age pension is lower than PLN 2,400," reads a communique.

"There are a dozen or so thousand people whose special status has been confirmed by the head of the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression. Out of them, several thousand have a disability or old-age pension which is lower than PLN 2,400," the PM's Office wrote.