Gov't aims to re-open inland water route from Warsaw to lake district

The inland water-route from Warsaw to the Great Masurian Lakes (northeastern Poland) will be re-introduced, Poland's Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation Marek Gróbarczyk said on Friday.

Speaking to reporters, Gróbarczyk explained that after some necessary renovation has been completed, "now there will be freedom to engage in tourist sailing from Warsaw to the Zegrze Lake (just north of the capital - PAP) - which is the first part of the programme."

"The second part is connecting Warsaw to the Great Masurian Lakes," the minister added, "we want to achieve that next year."

Przemysław Daca, who heads Poland's waters-administrator Polish Waters (WP), said that the Stefan Batory Trail (named after the 16th century Polish king) to the lake district will require work on the harbour in Ostrołęka (northeastern Poland), as well as rivers Narew and Pisa (costing PLN 200 million - EUR 47 million and PLN 225 million - EUR 52.6 million, respectively).

Deputy Justice Minister Patryk Jaki, who also appeared at the press conference, said the Vistula must regain a very significant role in terms of the economy, recreation and tourism - and become again an asset for Warsaw, where Jaki is running for mayor in the upcoming elections.