Gov't adopts draft amendment to law on foreigners

The Polish government has adopted a draft amendment to the bill on foreigners, aimed at implementing relevant EU directives. The project involves the conditions of entry and residency of non-EU citizens who want to study or train.

The Government Information Centre announced that the directive aims to allow highly qualified citizens from third countries, in particular scientists and students, to arrive in the European Union. The directive is also intended to promote the EU as an attractive place for research and innovation.

The draft bill on foreigners and certain other acts have been prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

The project is aimed at implementing the directives of the European Parliament and Council into Polish law. It concerns the entry and residency of non-EU citizens who want to conduct scientific research, study, receive training, or participate in volunteering, exchange programmes for schoolchildren or in educational projects or taking up a job as an au pair or domestic help.

According to the draft law, the residency approvals will be made after the submission of an application by the scientific units pursuant to the decision of the minister of internal affairs. The approval will be valid for five years with the possibility of extension.

The new regulations are to come into force after 30 days from the publication in the Journal of Laws.