Government to place cap on heating price rises for Poles says minister

Poland's minister of climate and environment took to social media on Friday to announce that additional regulations would be introduced by the government to safeguard consumers from rises in heating bills.

"Because of abrupt rises in the prices of energy resources, the heating sector is facing problems with high gas prices," Anna Moskwa wrote in her Twitter post. "That is why we will soon introduce additional regulations that will protect heat consumers."

"We will provide compensation to Poles and place a limit on increases," she added.

Aleksander Brzozka, a spokesperson for the ministry, told PAP on Friday that the aid would go to, among other groups, the residents of blocks of flats and the so-called vulnerable customers such as schools, hospitals or nursery schools.

A source close to the administration indicated to PAP on Thursday that in the coming days the government was set to adopt resolutions that would counteract the abrupt increases in heat prices which in some cases had increased by several hundred percent.