Global debut of Polish video game 'Cyberpunk 2077' a huge hit

CD Project

“Cyberpunk 2077”, an eagerly anticipated Polish-made role-playing video game, was played by over a million people in just four hours on Thursday morning after debuting on the Steam online platform at midnight GMT.

Produced by the Warsaw-based firm CD Projekt, the game in its PC version also premiered worldwide on Thursday morning on the Steam, GOG, Epic Store and on Google Stadia online platforms.

Since its debut, the game has been at the top of Steam's bestseller list, the largest digital PC games distribution portal. It also ranks first on Epic Store and GOG. In the latter, it is also second on the all-time list, after the cult 1999 "Heroes of Might and Magic 3".

According to the SteamDB portal, which tracks data from Steam, there were over one million people playing "Cyberpunk 2077" simultaneously at 4 a.m., the peak hour.

Of the 11,500 reviews on Steam so far, 71 percent of the players gave the game a "positive" score.

Problems with game optimization (poor quality of the game on relatively powerful equipment), graphics, and errors which often made the game impossible to play, were among the issues listed by players who gave it a "negative" score.

The CD Projekt game remains the most-broadcast title on Twitch, a live streaming platform which allows people to watch people playing games.

Early on Thursday morning nearly 500,000 people were watching people playing Cyberpunk. At its peak during the night there were 1.1 million viewers, according to Twitch Tracker data, placed "Cyberpunk 2077" in sixth place on Twitch's all-time list.

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