Germany should allow for Poland to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine

The head of the president's office, speaking on Radio Plus on Friday, said that Germany should allow for the transfer of German-made Leopard tanks from Poland to Ukraine, as the coalition of states carrying out the transfer programme is already functioning.

Pawel Szrot, head of the President's Office, said that the coalition of allied countries within which this project is being implemented "is already functioning".

"Participation in this coalition was declared, for example, by Finland, Denmark, and also Great Britain, which of course does not have Leopard tanks, only its own designs, Challenger tanks… So we can talk about a broad coalition," he noted.

He was asked whether there was any official Warsaw-Berlin dialogue regarding the possibility of transferring the German Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

"These are the secrets of the diplomatic kitchen. Of course, various messages come from Germany, also from German politicians, including those supporting this solution, it should be noted," replied Szrot.

When asked whether the Germans are being put against a wall and have to agree to the transfer of Leopards to Ukraine, he replied: "I think that if they rationally assess how the Alliance (Nato – PAP) should treat its security, how actively it should support Ukraine in defending not only its territory, but also the whole of Europe, then they should take a positive decision".