Germans owe Poland for WW2, former Israeli envoy says

Mateusz Marek/PAP

Germany owes Poland compensation for World War Two, because the Germans destroyed Poland during the war, Shevah Weiss, a former Israeli ambassador in Poland and former head of the Israeli Knesset, told the "Rzeczpospolita" daily in a Tuesday interview.

Weiss said Poland was right in its demands for war reparations from Germany. "Poland can tell the Germans that they slaughtered millions of Poles, destroyed Warsaw... The German side owes reparations to Poland, because the Germans destroyed Poland," Weiss told "Rzeczpospolita."

Commenting on the Polish parliament's recent passage of laws that could block restoration and compensation claims from owners of pre-war Jewish property or their descendants, Weiss said the new legislation was "not good", and called the matter "an open wound" in Polish-Israeli relations.

"This is a debate that calls for dialogue and confrontation... the reparation issue is still open," Weiss said.