German state broadcaster apologises for "Polish ghetto" misnomer

German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle on Thursday apologised for using the term "Polish ghettos" to describe World War II Jewish ghettos in German-occupied Poland, but refused to remove the offensive text "for the sake of transparency."

In a Wednesday Twitter post heralding an interview on the Jewish women's resistance movement during the war, Deutsche Welle wrote that sabotage, firearms and explosives were "rarely associated with women inhabiting Polish ghettos," evoking strong protests from the Polish consulate in Munich and the Polish ambassador in Israel.

"Polish ghettos? Are you serious? It's shameful to see a state-sponsored broadcaster spread such terrible fake news! Correct it at least in the name of good Polish-German relations!," the Polish consulate wrote on Thursday in response to the tweet.

Polish envoy in Israel Marek Magierowski called Deutsche Welle's misnomer "an evident example of Holocaust negation," and appealed to the broadcaster to apologise.

In response, Deutsche Welle apologised for what it called "a mistake," but refused to remove the tweet "for the sake of transparency."

"A mistake has been made... We apologise for it. For the sake of transparency we want to leave the original tweet and the responding statement," Deutsche Welle wrote.

Deutsche Welle is a German international public broadcaster financed from the German federal budget and aired in 30 languages.