German newspaper corrects 'Polish concentration camps' misnomer

A German newspaper has corrected the misnomer ‘Polish concentration camps’ used in one of its texts following an intervention by the Polish Consulate General in Hamburg.

The newspaper Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, published in Hanover, used the incorrect term in one of the texts on its website, dated April 27, 2023. The demeaning mistake, which Poland has tried to fight in publications around the world, was spotted by a Twitter user.

"Thank you very much for the important signal!" responded the Polish consulate on Twitter. "Together we must counteract the use of such entries."

The consulate pointed out that following its intervention, the editors of the newspaper "immediately corrected their text."

Poland insists on complete correctness in the application of terms used to describe the death camps Nazi Germany built and operated in occupied Poland during World War Two.

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